Far East Asian Art: October 2019 Auction
Lots are incoming until auction starts 10/20
A Far East Asian Art auction is tentatively scheduled to close the last Sunday of each month in 2016. Sellers on Trocadero.com opting in to antique Asian art categories and passing general scrutiny may list items to Far East Asian Art auctions. See Far East Asian Art's auction Schedule

Bid $500.00
10/27 17:10
An antique, Tibetan Thangha depicting the Bodhisattva Vajrasattva in the centre ...
Bid $400.00
10/27 17:12
A powerful carving of a single piece wood depicting a Daoist guardian god in mil...
Bid $200.00
10/27 17:11
Japanese Erotic Shunga Prints. 8 double-page book illustrations in colours from ...
Bid $400.00
10/27 17:13
A squat vase of conical form in modern style decorated with an fine, spotted, ol...