A Far East Asian Art auction is tentatively scheduled to close the last Sunday of each month in 2016. Sellers on Trocadero.com opting in to antique Asian art categories and passing general scrutiny may list items to Far East Asian Art auctions. See Far East Asian Art's auction Schedule

Bid $90.00
08/25 17:10
Colorful and nicely decorated metal tea caddy with an interesting shape. It is b...
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:11
Chinese detailed, inventive, well carved bamboo root that became a teapot.
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:12
Antique mottled opaque hardstone bracelet that is well carved with a snakelike d...
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:13
The baluster-shaped vase is lavishly decorated with warriors on horseback, and f...
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:14
Delicately colorful hand-painted paste box with a mythic Chi lin and immortals f...
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:15
An auspicious animal made of a human face, horse mane, and lion body. They were ...
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:16
Intricate finely carved hardwood figure of the Chinese immortal Shou lao. The fi...
Bid $45.00
08/25 17:17
Delicate artistic pic showing a Chinese woman in a garden pavilion.

Bid $180.00
08/25 17:18
Large, striking either Chinese or Korean celadon vase that is reminiscent of the...
Bid $105.00
08/25 17:19
Intricate hand painted design of a garden scene with two birds mirrored in the p...