Bid $105.00
08/25 17:19
Intricate hand painted design of a garden scene with two birds mirrored in the p...
Bid $180.00
08/25 17:18
Large, striking either Chinese or Korean celadon vase that is reminiscent of the...
Bid $45.00
08/25 17:17
Delicate artistic pic showing a Chinese woman in a garden pavilion.

Bid $90.00
08/25 17:16
Intricate finely carved hardwood figure of the Chinese immortal Shou lao. The fi...
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:15
An auspicious animal made of a human face, horse mane, and lion body. They were ...
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:14
Delicately colorful hand-painted paste box with a mythic Chi lin and immortals f...
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:13
The baluster-shaped vase is lavishly decorated with warriors on horseback, and f...
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:12
Antique mottled opaque hardstone bracelet that is well carved with a snakelike d...
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:11
Chinese detailed, inventive, well carved bamboo root that became a teapot.
Bid $90.00
08/25 17:10
Colorful and nicely decorated metal tea caddy with an interesting shape. It is b...