auctions from Trocadero venues
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04/16 17:34 EDT
This is an Japanese blue and white oval shallow shaped bowl decorated by a trans...

Bid $50.00
09/27 17:36
Unsigned Japanese Woodblock Print
Sleeping Cat
Date: Early 20th centur...
Bid $60.00
09/27 17:35
Unsigned Japanese Woodblock Print
Women Making Fans
Date: Early 20th c...
Bid $60.00
09/27 17:34
Unsigned Japanese Woodblock Print
Woman in Yellow at Window
Date: Earl...
Bid $60.00
09/27 17:33
Unsigned Japanese Woodblock Print
Woman in Purple on Balcony
Date: Ear...
Bid $100.00
09/27 17:32
Two very nice early Japanese prints – one of a mountain scene with a boat in t...
Bid $100.00
09/27 17:31
This is a lovely delicate print of two court ladies sitting and reading a scroll...
Bid $125.00
09/27 17:30
This is a print of what appears to be a scene from a Kabuki play – I base that...
Bid $175.00
09/27 17:29
This is a 19th century print by one of the masters of the ukiyo-e style, Keisai ...
Bid $200.00
09/27 17:28
A colorful Japanese print of two samurai - or possibly a samurai and emperor - i...
Bid $200.00
09/27 17:27
A mezzo tint by modern master, Ken Tsuji , numbered 16 of 85, dated 1985. The pr...
Bid $325.00
09/27 17:26
An interesting print depicting an outdoor performance of a Kabuki play in progre...
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09/27 17:25
This is an interesting woodblock print by Toyokuni III (Kunisada - (1786-1864) e...
Bid $325.00
09/27 17:24
A woodblock print by Hirshogi from his series "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo"....
Bid $300.00
09/27 17:23
This is an interesting print by Kunisada from his series titled “The Breezy La...
Bid $750.00
09/27 17:22
This is a Sawankhalok kendi with a bulbous body, a short neck, a flange around t...