auctions from Trocadero venues
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04/16 17:34 EDT
This is an Japanese blue and white oval shallow shaped bowl decorated by a trans...

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04/20 TBD
This 8.5" by 6" tulip shaped Gold Crest vase was made from 1943-44. A very short...
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04/20 TBD
These Heisey Greek Key low footed nappies look like the banana split bowls, but ...
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04/20 TBD
This shallow crimped bowl is four footed and measures 4.5" high X 12" wide X 13"...
Bid $38.00
04/20 TBD
This great old bowl was made in 1891 and is in perfect condition guaranteed. All...
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04/20 TBD
This one pint purple slag pitcher has several patterns. One pattern is a windmil...
Bid $700.00
04/16 18:15 EDT
Shimmering gold and blue tiles represent scales on this 200-year-old naga (sea d...
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04/16 18:14 EDT
A 600-year-old bronze Buddha from the old Shan capital of Pinya in northern Burm...
Bid $400.00
04/16 18:13 EDT
This cinnabar-colored four-piece lacquer box from late 19th century Burma has in...
Bid $290.00
04/16 18:12 EDT
From late 19th century Burma, this parabaik, or book, is made of thick cardboard...
Bid $875.00
04/16 18:11 EDT
This large storage jar dates from the 15th-17th century and was made in what is ...
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04/16 18:10 EDT
Hodaka Yoshida (1926-1995)
Subject: Abstract.
Date: 1968
Bid $595.00
04/16 18:09 EDT
Hiroshi Yoshida
In a Temple Yard, 1935.
Bears the jizuri seal in the u...
Bid $450.00
04/16 18:08 EDT
Takahashi Shotei (Hiroaki)
Moonrise at Tokumochi
Date: Pre-1936 (1920s...
Bid $600.00
04/16 18:07 EDT
Tsuchiya Koitsu
Snow at Ukimido, Katada, 1934
Size: Oban. Approximatel...
Bid $3000.00
04/16 18:06 EDT
Kawase Hasui
Hida, Nakayama-Shichiri Road, 1924. From the Third Souvenirs o...