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04/14 17:20 EDT

Rhinestone Butterfly Drop Bib Necklace
April 2013 Sale by Cyberattic

How can I describe something that is just simply gorgeous? The pictures just do not do it justice. The exquisitely dazzling necklace is 15" (00.0cm) long clasped, with a 3 1/2" (9.0cm) wing span, each strap is 12" (30.0cm) long, it weighs 1.9oz (53gr). Nearly 250 1/8" (0.3cm) diameter stones make up the straps, wings, body and eyes. There is one 3/16" (0.5cm) diameter stone head and one 1 3/32" (0.2cm) at the very tail of the butterfly. All of the stones are prong-set and are intact...
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04/30 17:11 EDT

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