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Japanese Woodblock With Paint/Ink Crows On Branch SOLD
October 2013 Auction by Far East Asian Art

Crows on a Snowy Branch
Artist's seal not read.
Appears to be a woodblock print with birds enhanced with black paint or ink. On thick paper that is tipped at top edge to gold paper.
Date: Early 20th century.
Size: Tanzaku. 14.5 x 5.0 inches.
Condition: Light foxing at top of sky.
Bid 200.00
04/26 16:10 EDT

Bid 100.00
04/26 16:12 EDT

Bid 59.00
No Reserve
04/26 16:16 EDT

Bid 250.00
No Reserve
04/26 16:18 EDT

Bid 500.00
No Reserve
04/26 17:11 EDT

Bid 500.00
No Reserve
04/26 17:14 EDT

Bid 176.00
No Reserve
04/26 17:18 EDT