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Chinese Bronze Dragon Water Dropper-19th-20th C.
September 2013 Auction by Far East Asian Art

This is an interesting old Chinese Archaic water dropper cast in the shape of a dragon. Flames spouting from the mouth are attached to the pouring spout. One can then see the scaly body of the dragon curled around the body of the piece and the five clawed feet of the dragon. It was purchased at auction from a very fine collection of an old Chinese gentleman...
Bid 250.00
No Reserve
02/26 16:37 EST

Bid 695.00
No Reserve
02/26 16:39 EST

Bid 985.00
No Reserve
02/26 16:41 EST

Bid 1875.00
No Reserve
02/26 16:43 EST

Bid 1650.00
No Reserve
02/26 17:10 EST

Bid 450.00
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02/26 17:11 EST

Bid 125.00
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02/26 17:12 EST

Bid 165.00
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02/26 17:16 EST

Bid 325.00
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02/26 17:18 EST