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Bid 250.00
02/13 17:53 EST

Song Longquan Water Dropper
February 2013 Auction by Far East Asian Art

Exceptionally rare Southern Song, Zhejiang celadon water dropper in the shape of a double gourd ewer with a fine glaze. This piece has had the spout repaired with silver and has some cracks- please view enlargements. My photo editing software has truncated this piece a bit so it is more graceful than the pictures would indicate. H: 8cm/3.2in.
Bid 600.00
No Reserve
10/30 17:12 EDT

Bid 1100.00
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10/30 17:13 EDT

Bid 120.00
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10/30 17:15 EDT

Bid 150.00
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10/30 17:17 EDT

Bid 425.00
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10/30 17:19 EDT