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Signed Hirado Style Dish, Raised Hibiscus Decoration
April 2013 Auction by Far East Asian Art

A Hirado style blue and white porcelain dish with raised hibiscus decoration in vibrant blue underglaze decoration. Four character mark inside the foot rim. Early 20th century. Good condition with slight rubbing inside the bowl. 9 3/4 inch diameter (24.77cm dia)
Bid 300.00
No Reserve
10/29 17:11 EDT

Bid 725.00
No Reserve
10/29 17:15 EDT

Bid 135.00
No Reserve
10/29 17:18 EDT

Bid 375.00
No Reserve
10/29 17:19 EDT

Bid 225.00
No Reserve
10/29 17:21 EDT

Bid 1250.00
No Reserve
10/29 17:23 EDT