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A Woodblock Print by Yoshitoshi – “Mount Otawa Moon"
July 2014 Auction by Far East Asian Art

This print depicting the warrior Sakanoe no Tamuramaro who died in 811 after a glorious career on the battlefield. He was honored as the Shinto god Tamura Myojin, or "Bright God Tamura", associated with Kiyomizu Temple on Mount Otowa. This print, which illustrates a scene from a Noh play entitled Tamura, shows the ghost of a young Tamura sweeping cherry petals on the grounds of the temple.

This is a great ghost image from the 100 Moon series...

Bid 198.00
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12/16 17:12 EST

Bid 54.00
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12/16 17:14 EST

Bid 1350.00
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12/16 17:16 EST