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Chinese Carved Horn. Lotus, Fish, Cranes, Dragon Decor
May 2013 Auction by Far East Asian Art

A Chinese carved horn scholar's table article. The cupped form itself carved to look like a large lotus leaf. Carved lotus leaves and blossoms also issue from its center. The sides carved with details of lotus leaves and blossoms, a fish and a pair of mandarin ducks further accentuate the aquatic theme. The form and motif may suggest the object was used as a small water coupe but would also work as a paper weight. The carved bottom depicting a pair of dragons encircling a two character mark...
Bid 200.00
05/24 16:10 EDT

Bid 15.00
No Reserve
05/24 16:12 EDT

Bid 250.00
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05/24 16:14 EDT

Bid 75.00
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05/24 16:18 EDT

Bid 550.00
05/24 16:20 EDT

Bid 950.00
05/24 16:22 EDT

Bid 300.00
05/24 16:24 EDT

Bid 35.00
No Reserve
05/24 17:10 EDT

Bid 100.00
05/24 17:11 EDT

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05/24 17:12 EDT

Bid 475.00
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05/24 17:13 EDT

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05/24 17:14 EDT