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Edo Period Chiseled Iron Tsuba, Three Friends of Winter
May 2013 Auction by Far East Asian Art

A late Edo iron tsuba with chisled decoration of a pine trunk and boughs on one side and flowering prunus blossom with bamboo on the other side. The three representations comprising the "Three Friends of Winter". The simplicity of the chiseled smooth surface successfully imitating sumi-e painting. Good condition - presenting more nicely than in the lighting used for our photography. Emits a clear tone when tapped. A pleasing piece that would add character to a prospective blade...
Bid 200.00
05/24 16:10 EDT

Bid 15.00
No Reserve
05/24 16:12 EDT

Bid 250.00
No Reserve
05/24 16:14 EDT

Bid 75.00
No Reserve
05/24 16:18 EDT

Bid 550.00
05/24 16:20 EDT

Bid 950.00
05/24 16:22 EDT

Bid 300.00
05/24 16:24 EDT

Bid 35.00
No Reserve
05/24 17:10 EDT

Bid 100.00
05/24 17:11 EDT

Bid 475.00
No Reserve
05/24 17:13 EDT

Bid 500.00
No Reserve
05/24 17:14 EDT