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Thai Polychrome Illustrated Sutra and Lacquer Sutra Box
June 2013 Auction by Far East Asian Art

Thai sutra box and sutra. The rectangular box with ornate gilt decorated panels (each a different scene), three on each side and one on each end, of deities in combat on black lacquered surface. the interior painted red. The sutra with leather ends and sturdy paper leaves with mostly Sanskrit and hand illustrated in colors variably throughout. All good condition with reasonable wear. Sutra (closed) cover length 26 3/4 inches (67.9 cm). Box length (along the base), 32 1/2 inches (82.55 cm)...
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02/26 16:37 EST

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02/26 16:39 EST

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02/26 16:41 EST

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02/26 16:43 EST

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02/26 17:10 EST

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02/26 17:11 EST

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02/26 17:12 EST

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02/26 17:16 EST

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02/26 17:18 EST