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A Korean Goryeo Blue/Grew Bowl with Staple Repairs
December 2013 Auction by Far East Asian Art

Here we have an interesting Korean bowl in a greyish blue color and in irregular shape. There is a very old staple repair on one side - it almost looks as if it is covered with the glaze. We date it to the Goryeo Dynasty. The bowl measures 6 1/2" by 7 3/8" at the top - is 3 1/4" high at the rim - and the foot measures 2 3/4" diameter. It is in very good condition for such an old piece - no chips or restorations other than the very old staple. There is considerable kiln grit on the base.
Bid 300.00
09/25 16:35 EDT

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09/25 16:36 EDT

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09/25 17:10 EDT

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09/25 17:12 EDT

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09/25 17:18 EDT

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09/25 17:21 EDT