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A Joseon Dynasty Korean Bowl - Greyish Celadon Glaze
December 2013 Auction by Far East Asian Art

This fine bowl has a most unusual glaze - it is a sort of pebbly light greenish gray celadon glaze that is quite thick and has a somewhat mottled effect the further down in the center of the bowl that the glaze flows. The outside of the bowl the same glaze - but it stops about 80 % down from the rim. The bowl measures 7 1/8" diameter at the top - is 3 1/2" high at the rim and the low 1/4 " deep foot is 2 1/4" diameter...
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04/29 17:12 EDT

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04/29 17:13 EDT

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04/29 17:14 EDT

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04/29 17:20 EDT