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Chinese Underglaze Blue and Iron Red 'Immortals' Bowl
April 2014 Auction by Far East Asian Art

A Chinese underglaze blue and iron red decorated 'immortals' bowl, finely decorated around the exterior with three star gods and boys, the reverse with five bats in flight, all above a band of underglaze blue overlapping petals and below a band of stylized scrolls just below the slightly-flared rim. Qianlong period (1736-1795). Height 7 cm. Diameter at rim 15 cm. In excellent condition. No chips or cracks.
Bid 250.00
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02/26 16:37 EST

Bid 695.00
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02/26 16:39 EST

Bid 985.00
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02/26 16:41 EST

Bid 1875.00
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02/26 16:43 EST

Bid 1650.00
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02/26 17:10 EST

Bid 450.00
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02/26 17:11 EST

Bid 125.00
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02/26 17:12 EST

Bid 165.00
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02/26 17:16 EST

Bid 325.00
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02/26 17:18 EST