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A Tiny Chinese Lacquer and Silver Wine Cup - 17th Cty.
July 2014 Auction by Far East Asian Art

This small but striking miniature wine cup is made of many layers of dark lacquer tat have then been carved with designs on the side and the interior lined with silver. The design consists two parts - the first of these are three Shou characters that are recessed and then filled with gilt. The second set of three are low relief carvings of the Buddhist Endless Knot. (See footnotes).

The wine cup measures 1 1/2" square at the top - 3/4" diameter at the base - and is 1" high...

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09/25 16:35 EDT

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09/25 16:36 EDT

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09/25 17:10 EDT

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09/25 17:12 EDT

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09/25 17:21 EDT