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A Small Square Bowl w/Shino Glaze - Kiku Mon - Taisho
August 2014 Auction by Far East Asian Art

This is an interesting small square bowl measuring 5.1"square at the top and is 2.4" high at the rim. In the bottom of the bowl is the sixteen petal Imperial Mum - clearly not made for the Emperor - simply used as a design element. The entire bowl is thick and the glaze has been imprinted with a mesh cloth just prior to the clay being set and ready to put into the kiln. We date the piece to the late Meiji to early Showa period, circa 1915 - 1930s...
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09/25 16:35 EDT

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09/25 16:36 EDT

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09/25 17:10 EDT

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09/25 17:12 EDT

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09/25 17:21 EDT