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A Highly Unusual Miniature Kyoto Satsuma Teapot-Meiji
December 2012 Auction by Far East Asian Art

This small teapot has one of the most unusual shapes we have ever seen in a Satsuma teapot - an offset square with twisted rope handle. The piece measures 2 3/4" high and is 2 3/4" square at the top (exclusive of the handle)by 2" square at the base. The design makes extensive use of the much admired gosu blue and depicts a temple in a garden that is surrounded by a wall that has a design of the Buddhist wheel. The design strongly suggests that it might have been made for a Tibetan temple...
Bid 300.00
09/25 16:35 EDT

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09/25 16:36 EDT

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09/25 17:10 EDT

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09/25 17:12 EDT

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09/25 17:18 EDT

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09/25 17:21 EDT