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A Japanese Seto Ware Ishizara Plate – 18th/19th Century
February 2013 Auction by Far East Asian Art

This is a fine Seto Ware stoneware ishizara plate, with a cream-colored slip over a buff stoneware body and painted over in gosu blue and in iron oxide with a design of a small bird flying next to a tall bamboo stalk. Seto was one of the "Six Old Kilns", the six major ceramic traditions of medieval Japan...
Bid 300.00
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10/29 17:11 EDT

Bid 725.00
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10/29 17:15 EDT

Bid 135.00
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10/29 17:18 EDT

Bid 375.00
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10/29 17:19 EDT

Bid 225.00
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10/29 17:21 EDT

Bid 1250.00
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10/29 17:23 EDT