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A Fine Early Khmer Brown Glaze Lime Pot–11th-12th Cty.
December 2012 Auction by Far East Asian Art

This is a superb Khmer (Cambodian) brown glaze lime pot dating to the 11th-12th century. The pottery is glazed with a dark brown glaze – then a design of vertical rib stripes are around the pot and the top rim has a band of connecting geometric squares incised. The pot measures 3” diameter at its widest and is 2 ¼” high. It is in excellent condition with one tiny chip to the glaze. The base is unglazed...
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02/26 16:37 EST

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02/26 16:39 EST

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02/26 16:41 EST

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02/26 16:43 EST

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02/26 17:10 EST

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02/26 17:11 EST

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02/26 17:12 EST

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02/26 17:16 EST

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02/26 17:18 EST