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Makuzu Kozan I Green and Pink Bird Japanese Vase
Price on Request

Makuzu Kozan I (1842 - 1916) (Scroll down for more information.)

Superb Ammi Phillips American Folk Art  Portrait  c1840
Price: $7,800.00
A wonderful American folk art portrait of a Methodist minister painted by Ammi P...
A 20th Century Bizen Kogo Depicting A Reclining Sage or Monk
A Bizen type kogo in form of a primitively rendered reclining sage or monk. Sign...
Japanese Gosu Satsuma Pottery Jar
Price on Request

Height: 5.5 inches

Width: 3.25 inches (excluding handles)

Indian Tribal Oil Lamp 2
Price: $130.00
A second upper section from an Indian Tribal Oil lamp from the same region as it...
Year 3; 134-135 A.D.

Obverse: Paleo-Hebrew inscription “Shimon” within...
Fine, Ming White Jade, Standing Liu Hai Group
Price on Request
A rare and charming Ming Dynasty jade toggle, finely carved and polished in the ...
Antique Nobori Banner, Seven Spears of Shizugatake
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Nobori banners, carps, warrior's Yoroi and Kabuto helmets, samurai dolls and swo...
Steuben Glass Winter Church Prism
Price: $900.00
Steuben Glass Winter Church Catalog #9272 Depicts a beautiful church in a wi...
Amber colored 19th Century Agate snuff bottle
Lovely amber colored agate ovoid form snuff bottle, with an oval foot rim surrou...
Qing 18th century blue glaze large vase
On Hold
A Qing dynasty 18th century blue glaze square vase, tall body with short neck an...
Ancient Chinese Bronze Mirror Tang Dynasty 618-907 AD
Authentic ancient Chinese, Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.), silvery bronze mirro...
Chinese stoneware guanyao vase
Ca. 1700s

This vase has a graceful, slightly tapering long neck rising fro...

Original Vintage Fix Masseau Orient Express "Dining Car" Poster
Price: $450.00
One of a series of Orient Express posters created by Fix-Masseau. A waiter is p...
Price: $9,000.00
EARLY HORIZON STONE SKULL EFFIGY Ca. 300 B.C. - 100 A.D. Dimensions are 8.5 inc...
Sterling Silver Celtic Badge Pin with Amethyst
Price: $125.00
Sterling silver, 1.7 x 1.7 inches, approximately. Diameter of amethyst is approx...
Takahashi Deishu | Fuji
Takahashi Deishu, Yamaoka Tesshu’s (1836–1888)
brother-in-law, was born ...
A Chinese wood carving of a seated Guanyin
Price: $1350.00

Please feel free to enjoy this Chinese wood carving of a seated Guanyin, earl...

A Rare Carved Zitan "Lingzhi" Ruyi Scepter, Late 19th
Price on Request
A rare and beautifully carved zitan lingzhi ruyi scepter, late 19th century. The...