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19th Century, Large Burmese Lacquered Vessel
Price: $2,400.00
Large Burmese lacquered vessel with gilded gold and glasses, with trace of origi...
Ottaviani Modernist Sterling and Enamel Necklace
Price: $325.00

Ottaviani sterling and enamel necklace.

16" outstretched, pendant - 2...

English cut glass crystal pedestal dresser jar, sterling silver cover
Price: $165.00
A vintage English cut crystal dresser or powder jar on a pedestal foot with a st...
Rare ABG Alt, Beck, Gottschalk ONE OF A KIND Character Doll 1319
Price: $4950.00

We believe this fellow to be exceedingly rare, and possibly the only one.

Ritual Buddhist crown with 5 Buddhas and 8 symbols
Price on Request
Antique copper ritual crown, worn during ceremonies by a Vajracarya (Master of t...
Spectacular Hippie Boho Dangle Earrings 6 Inches Long
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These aren't mere "statement" earrings -- they're a manifesto! Besides their min...
SOLD~ Tiny Chevrot Bebe Marked 2
Special Pricing this week only and ONLY on DOLL SHOPS UNITED Site!
Stunning 12.5" Bru Jeune on Chevrot Body with highly expressive face in overall ...
A Japanese satsuma plate decorated with a dragon. Meiji period
A Japanese satsuma plate decorated with a dragon defending a mother and child fr...
A Sino-Tibetan Green Tara Bodhisattva
Price: $28000.00
A Sino-Tibetan Gilt Bronze Green Tara. Height: 28 cm. Base plate intact and unop...
10K White Gold Diamonds Pendant Necklace 10 K Chain 1970s
Price: $149.00
A 10k white gold pendant set with genuine diamonds, on a 10k white gold chain ci...
Japanese Antique Textile Fukusa Tapestry Weave
Price: $280.00
Fukusa, a gift cover made of tapestry weaving silk and has the motif of carp and...
Early Babyland Rag-Bruckner Topsy Turvy Cloth Doll
Here for your buying pleasure is an early all-original Babyland Rag-Albert Bruc...
Antique drawing Horses Hudson river school
Original antique Hudson river school pencil drawing of a horses and barnyard sce...
Exquisite Artist Bru in Mignonette Size
Sale Pending
This petite version of a Bru is exquisitely done by a contemporary artist. She m...
Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Box with Lobster
Price: $1950.00
This is a highly unusual Japanese cloisonne enamel box. It is not signed but was...
A fine Khmer bronze Yoni, Angkor Thom period, 10th Century
Kindly send your offers to Gallery Samdao
A fine Khmer bronze Yoni. The piece dates back to Angkor Thom period, 10th cent...
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rare and great
Louis Vuitton Coffee Table Trunk - Beautiful!
Louis Vuitton suitcase trunk fitted to a custom hand-made hand-finished base. Th...