Price: $16.95
Reproduces, in full color, the Joker appearances in D.C.Comics; includes bios of...
MOBY DICK  - Illustrated Classic Book Club
Price: $7.50
This is a rare find- a unique edition of Herman Melville's classic- Moby Dick. I...
Marvel Preview-UFO Connection
This issue portrays close encounters by Jimmy Carter & John Lennon. It also cont...
Batman Penguin Affair Parts 1-3
Price: $20.00
These comics have been encased in plastic folders since my son purchased them in...
Price: $9.00
Story line- Where Batman stalks the Scarecrow.This copy is in Near Mint conditio...
Detective Comics Starring Batman- April 1983
Price: $13.00
This is Issue-April 1983-#525 It contains Batman in combat with CROC, the most C...
Marvel Comic-Wolverine Jan.1990 #20
Price: $14.00
Stan Lee presents "MIRACLES". This is Issue #20 from Jan. 1990. It is in excelle...
Marvel-WOLVERINE-Mid Dec.1989-#19
Price: $14.00
Stan Lee presents "Heroes & Villains". Story is built around Death Is A Man Call...
Marvel Comic-WOLVERINE
Price: $14.00
Stan Lee presents "ALL AT SEA". This comic is in Excellent condition as it has n...
DC Brave and The Bold-Batman & Aquaman
Price: $13.00
Issue April 1976 -#126 is in Near Mint condition. Feature story is "What Lurks B...
Price: $11.00
Issue#9-Feb.1977.Includes the daughters of Joker,Scarecrow,Riddler & Penguin. Ne...
Price: $13.00
This issue contains 80 pages of all new stories. It is the JUNE/July1978,#18 iss...
STAR WARS-King Size Annual Vol 1,#1
Price: $5.00
This Issue is Vol. 1 #1 Sept. 1979 The Long Hunt. It is in Very Fine condition. ...
DC The Brave & The Bold - Batman & The Black Canary
Price: $13.00
Issue#166/Sept.1980-Contains Requiem for 4 Canaries plus NEMESIS 8 page story. S...
Charlton Classics Comic-HERCULES
Price: $5.00
Comic is in MINT CONDITION. This is issue #1 published April 1980.
Price: $10.00
July,1979 / Issue #1. MINT CONDITION. The story you demanded-The life of Superma...
DC Detective Comic Anniversary Issue
Price: $11.00
Mar.91 issue #627 Batman's 600th appearance in Detective Comics. MINT CONDITION.
Batman DC Dark Knight/Dark City [parts 1-3]
Price: $15.00
Comics are in near MINT condition. Will sell for $7.00 each or all 3 for $15.00....