A rare tsatsa image of the great Indian Buddhist Master Atisa. 19th c
Price: $450.00
A rare baked clay image Tsatsa of the great Indian Buddhist Master Atisa (982-19...
An early wood carving of a Monk or Lama in a debating posture
Price: $500.00
An early wood carving of a Monk or Lama in a debating posture. Probably it was p...
Antique Himalayan Buddhist Tantric Clay Yab-Yum Figure.
/ shipping included
Interesting painted clay statue depicting a sitting deity with his consort in ya...
Tibetan Thangka of Ten Thousand Buddhas
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Tibetan Thangka of the Ten Thousand Buddhas

18th-19th century

Size: Length ...

Antique, small yak leather box, leather chest. Tibet, 18/19th ccent.
Price: $1,600.00
An attractive and decorative chest-like container made of yak leather decorated ...
A fire gilt bronze portrait-image of Tsongkapa; Tibet, 17th cent.
Price: $10,000.00
A very attractive portrait-image of Tsongkapa (1357–1419), the founder of the ...
Fine gilt bronze portrait of Sakya hierarch. Tibet, 17th cent
Price: $12,000.00
A small but very attractive lama portrait in gilt bronze depicting the Sakya hie...
Colorful Painted Tibetan Window Frame
DESCRIPTION: From a Florida estate comes this colorful and skillfully painted T...
Pair Antique Tibetan Burl-Wood & Silver Tea Bowls
for the Pair
DESCRIPTION: A handsome pair of nesting Tibetan (or Nepalese) bowls, graduated ...
Necklace with antique (carved) turquoise and silver beads
Price on Request
The necklace consists of old turquoise beads (Tibetan) in different forms, silve...
Rock crystal Ganesha head decorated with ruby, lapis lazuli, turquoise
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Large carved quartz Ganesha head, mounted in copper and decorated with gemstones...
Kohistan Wedding Dress or âJumloâ
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Kohistan Wedding Dress or “Jumlo” Silk embroidery on cotton. Mother of p...
Tibetan heavy and large carved  Wooden Manuscript Cover
Tibetan carved wood Manuscript/script Cover, some of the gold and Polychrome fin...
A small imageof the Lion head Dakini, carved wood. Tibet, 18â19th cent
Price: $350.00
A small votive image in carved wood of the Lion-headed Dakini, a major Nyingmapa...
Sino-Tibetan Altar or Throne Cloth
Price: $1200.00
Sino-Tibetan Buddhist Altar Cloth

From the Kathmandu Valley

19th-20th centu...

Old Himalayan Painted Wood Dancing Ritual Mask of Mahakala.
/ shipping included
Old Buddhist dancing mask of the wrathful Mahakala, made of painted wood with an...
Individual Antique Genuine Spiritual Tibetan Banded Carnelian Beads
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3 individual Antique Genuine Spiritual Tibetan Banded Carnelian Beads, Cone shap...
Antique Nepali Tibetan Brass Stupa
Price: $200.00
Small Brass Offering Pagoda

Size:Length 2.8 cm Width 2.6cm Height 10cm