Tibetan Tsakali
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Tsakali (miniature painting for meditation) ; 8,5 x 8 cms
Antique Tibetan Ring
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Traditional Tibetan man's ring in the shape of a saddle, made of silver and cora...
Antique Tibetan Belt Strap
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Strap made of a piece of thick leather, and cast silver and brass ornaments ...
Traditional Tibetan Damaru
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Wooden Tibetan Damaru. Beautiful patina. H : 6,5c, D : 9,5c
Antique Tibetan Tsa-Tsa
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Antique Tibetan Tsa-Tsa, West Tibet, near Ladakh.H: 7,5 cms
Bronze Tibetan chorten or stupa
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The quality and the craftsmanship of this stupa is extraordinary. The chorten is...
Tibetan nine eyes dzi bead
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This nine eyed dzi bead is circa 250 years old and is in very good condition. Si...
Tibetan Bone Handled & Silver Sheath Dagger
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An unusual bone handle dagger decorated with a turquoise stone and silver a copp...
Large Antique Tibetan Thangka Green Tara and Deities Buddhist
Price: $750.00
Tibetan thangka painting on cloth of a light green tara. This Tara has especial...
Antique Fire gilt image of Chenrezig. Tibet, 17th cent.
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A good Antique Tibetan bronze image representing the Four Arms Avalokiteshvara (...
Rear Turquoise Tibetan Necklace - 19th Century
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A rare mid 19th century large turquoise bead made into a necklace surrounded by ...
Tibetan Silver Prayer Box "Gau" with Relics - 19th C.
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A votive prayer container in silver with the a Tibetan bronze character in relie...
13-14th century Tibet Ladakh Sakyamuni, copper alloy with silver inlay
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13-14th century Tibet Ladakh Sakyamuni, copper alloy with silver inlay. Height: ...
Tibetan Silver Portable Prayer Box "Gau" - 19th Century
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A votive portable prayer altar with a bronze botisattva on the front, in relief,...
Statue of Bodhisattva Manjusri, Tibet, 19th C.
Statue of Bodhisattva Manjusri, the Budhist deity who fights ignorance, in forma...
Wood Phurba, Nepal, 19th C.
Shamanic ritual dagger with three deity heads on top, geometric design in relief...
Bronze figure of Maitreya - Tibet
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Impressive statue of the Buddha of the future Maitreya. Decorated with pieces o...
Bronze statue of Avalokiteshvara on a lion - Tibet
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Beguiling statue of bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, sitting on a lion. The statue i...