Nishiura Enji V Seto Sterling Silver Overlay Pink Daffodil Vase
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Nishiura Enji V (1856 to 1914)(Scroll down for more information)


Japanese Imari Porcelain Jardinière
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An impressive Imari porcelain jardinière of massive proportions decorated with ...
Japanese Imari Porcelain Charger with Cranes-in-Flight and Flowers
Price on Request
A large shallow Imari porcelain charger with brightly-hued cartouches of cranes ...
Antique Japanese C.1804-1829 Arita Large Porcelain Charger
Price: $1200.00
Stunning Edo Period C.1804-1829 large Arita porcelain charger signed on the ba...
Japanese Imari Charger with Cranes Mid Bamboo
Price on Request
A large Imari porcelain charger rendered with cranes among bamboo and in mid-fli...
Japanese Imari Fish Plate
A large Imari porcelain fish platter designed in saturated tones of green, iron ...
Unusual Takauchi Shugo Contemporary Ame-yu Vase
Price: $800.00
A tall Bottle form incised with enigmatic shapes. 7 inches diameter, 15-1/2 inc...
Japanese Imari Porcelain Charger with Sparrows
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An Imari porcelain charger with delicate floral brocading along the rim, its det...
Seifu Yohei III Hakuji Incised Flower Tea Bowl
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Seifu Yohei III (1851 - 1914) (Scroll down for more information.)


Ito Tozan I Japanese Satsuma 12.5 Inch Floral Vase
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Ito Tozan I (1846 - 1920) (Scroll down for more information.)


Pretty Japanese Celadon, Seiji Porcelain Plate by Miyanaga Tozan 1st
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The size of Plate: 10 1/8” Dia x 1 7/8” High. Pretty Japanese Seiji, Celadan...
Shigaraki Mimitsuki Vase by Ueda Naokata IV


Ueda Naokata IV (1898-1975)...
Big Japanese blue & white  Porcelain Vase w/ships by  Genroku
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Big Japanese Meiji Period (1868-1912) museum quality blue and white Porcelain va...
Important Japanese Meiji Satsuma Koro by Chin Jukan
Price on Request
Big finely decorated sculptural Japanese Meiji Period (1868-1912)tripod Satsuma ...
A Pair of Japanese Imari Bottle Vases
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A stunning pair of long-necked Imari porcelain vases with exquisite floral broca...
A Rare Celadon Tripod Ritual Wine Vessel (Jue) by Suwa Sozan
Used for ceremonial purposes by the Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties. Traditionall...
Rare Contemporary Persian pottery Vase by 
LNT Kato Takuo
Mystical heads adorn the four corners of this Persian-blue glazed open vase by L...
Japanese Four-Panel Satsuma Vase with Scene of Nature
Price on Request
A large four-sided Satsuma vase of high-shouldered, tapered form with its panels...