Auction Registration
Auction Services (Bidder Account Login)
Auction Flow

Flow Of An Auction Event (an offering of a group of lots for bidding)

An Auction Event Is Scheduled

Auctioneers see "Scheduling A New Auction" on the Auction Management fact sheet

Items Are Assigned To The Auction Event

Auctioneers see the Assigning Items To An Auction Event fact sheet

Lots include messaging regarding pending inclusion within the upcoming scheduled auction.

Bidding is commenced

With the auctioneer hitting the "Start Auction" button, the event is taken out of 'Preview' mode and put into 'Sale' mode with related messaging including closing times for lots - allowing bids to be placed and accepted.

This may be done with as much time before lots begin to close as the auctioneer wishes - realizing that no more items can be added to the particular event and no items may be removed until bidding is closed for the last lot.

Bids are accepted

Bids, masqueraded by paddle number for discretion, are reflected in the "Bidding History" for each lot. Messages are delivered by e-mail according to the bidder's preferences from registration and from login.

Read the Bidding fact sheet for more guidance.

Bidding is ceased

As closing times progress incrementally through lots (by stock number), the messaging reverts to reflect the cessation of bidding - which is no longer accepted for the lot - and indicates whether sold and to which paddle number.

End of sale

Upon closing of bidding for the last lot, end of sale messaging is sent out notifying successful bidders of lots won with initial guidance.

Auction pages and data is archived in the state found at end of auction and prior to release of unsold lots for subsequent disposition.

Post sale

The auctioneer begins to schedule shipping of won lots subject to their terms of collecting payment. The auctioneer may solicit interest from under bidders not having met reserves.

The auction service bills the auctioneer on the sum of the final hammer prices - net 30 days after the close of the event. The auctioneer is responsible to reconcile with the auction service on the final value of bought-in lots sold post sale as a result of their promotion within the event.