Auctions Disclaimer and Terms Of Use

Vervendi powers venues and auctions for individuals and businesses. Vervendi does not itself sell merchandise or take an equity or performance interest in the sale of merchandise. As such, we take no seller's premiums on sales and we take no commissions or final value fees on sales. Our objective is to encourage competitive and productive auction activity that will work for all (buyers, sellers and ourselves.)

Please review payment modes accepted by supported venues and sellers. Supported venues may, themselves, require a sales commission or buyer's premium (check their policy.) Ask sellers any questions before bidding on their lots. Transactions are solely between bidder and seller. Vervendi enables markets with auction capabilities and is not a participant in transactions. Vervendi handles no proceeds from the sale of merchandise, does not collect commissions from sales, and is not an agent to such sale. Vervendi's role is only to provide the mechanisms and support to facilitate bidders' and sellers' business. Vervendi makes no assurance or guaranty as to items offered which are, as far as Vervendi is concerned, available for bidding or purchase on an "as is" basis. Our auction services are in Beta. Though we will develop and support them to the best of our ability, no warranty is made as to the suitability or fitness of features, processes or services.

It is the responsibility of the seller and bidder to conclude arrangements to settle and then to ship the property. Seller contact information can be found in their pages. Bidder contact information is accessible to the seller. A won auction is a binding contract between bidder and seller. Sellers may be held harmless for delay in shipping if not satisfied as to buyer's identity or validity of shipping address.

Verve, [Fr.] Creative enthusiasm, great energy or rapture.

Vendi, [L. abbr] Sell or transact, closing of a bargain or sale.

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