Antiques-Art.com: July 2018 Auction
Lots are incoming until auction starts 07/22
An Antiques-Art.com decorative arts auction closes the last Sunday of every month. Sellers on Trocadero.com opting in to Antiques-Art.com and passing general scrutiny may list items to our decorative arts auctions.
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Bid $72.00
07/29 16:35
With the mark last used in 1896 by F M Whiting to be changed to Frank M Whiting ...
Bid $126.00
07/29 16:37
Bid on this today! Bold 66 grams sterling silver knuckle to knuckle, beyond fin...
Bid $99.00
07/29 16:39
Bid on this today! Antique far eastern Asian Chinese hard stone late 19th centu...
Bid $126.00
07/29 16:41
Bid on this auction today! Stunning signed sterling silver ring with a bold be...