auctions from Trocadero venues
Bid $120.00
11/26 17:19
An Oribe-style chawan with the surface in raised relief. Covered all-over in a d...

Bid $950.00
06/30 17:10
A large, attractive and unique flower base or receptacle to be used for irises o...
Bid $260.00
06/30 17:11
A Mandarin square dating to the end of the Qing dynasty. A female front insignia...
Bid $220.00
06/30 17:12
An informal male front Mandarin square with a tiger, denoting the 4th military r...
Bid $400.00
06/30 17:13
A large Korean offering dish on a high foot made of stoneware covered in a greyi...
Bid $280.00
06/30 17:14
A Baba Nyonya hair ornament made of gilt silver with rubies or glass stones. Con...
Bid $500.00
06/30 17:15
A modern, tokkuri-shaped vase of heavily thrown Shino-ware with thick white, par...