auctions from Trocadero venues
Bid $120.00
11/26 17:19
An Oribe-style chawan with the surface in raised relief. Covered all-over in a d...

Bid $300.00
02/25 17:10
A large thumb ring decorated in openwork with Chinese auspicious characters, ori...
Bid $200.00
02/25 17:11
Pair of Old Tibetan Traveller’s Cup Holder made of finely woven rattan an...
Bid $300.00
02/25 17:12
A unique and unusual viewing stone/Suiseki standing on a small rosewood base. H ...
Bid $350.00
02/25 17:13
A large, powerful, Shigaraki ware vase of mallet-shape. Decorated with a mixture...
Bid $400.00
02/25 17:14
Interesting and very artistic vase in semi-organic shape of modern Bizen ware by...