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Hiroshige Japanese Woodblock Print - Eagle Over Plain SOLD
July 2014 Auction by Far East Asian Art

Hiroshige Ando
Eagle Over 100,000 Acre Plain at Susaki, Fukagawa
Publisher: Takemura Hideo. Bears round Takemura seal.
Date: Early 20th century. Collected after WWII.
Size: 5.5 x 3.5 inches.
Tipped at top to original greeting card.
Condition: Excellent. Card lightly discolored.
This is from a rare Takemura-published group that contained previously unknown Tsuchiya Koitsu prints.
Bid 400.00
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10/29 17:11

Bid 300.00
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10/29 17:12

Bid 250.00
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10/29 17:13