A Far East Asian Art auction closes the second Wednesday of most months (third weekend of some.) The August 2014 auction has been extended one week after access issues. Sellers on Trocadero.com opting in to antique Asian art categories and passing general scrutiny may list items to Far East Asian Art auctions. See Far East Asian Art's auction Schedule

Bid $50.00
11/12 TBD
Shiko Munakata (1903 ~ 1975)
View of Paris, 1962. This edition is from 1983...
Bid $325.00
11/12 TBD
Rare Daoist images depicting four of the Eight Immortals (baxian) made of padded...
Bid $120.00
11/12 TBD
This wonderful set of Japanese kugikakushi (ornamental metal covering to hide na...
Bid $125.00
11/12 TBD
Elegant studio porcelain tokkuri (sake flask) or flower vase in double gourd for...
Bid $220.00
11/12 TBD
This lovely Japanese cloisonné charger with a brass rim and foot is decorated w...
Bid $275.00
11/12 TBD
This wonderful early example of Japanese mingei folk ceramics is a thick “bedd...
Bid $400.00
11/12 TBD
A very well carved and inscribed wooden tablet made for use in the family house,...
Bid $115.00
11/12 TBD
Imoto Tekiho (b. 1909)
Bamboo and Boat
Date: ca. 1930s.
Bid $425.00
11/12 TBD
Kawase Hasui
Moonlight at Kiyosumi Garden
Date: 1938.
Bid $575.00
11/12 TBD
Kawase Hasui
Evening at Tagonoura
Size: Oban. Approximately 15.75 x 10...
Bid $65.00
11/12 TBD
Red Temple in Snow
Date: 1930s ~ 1950s. This edition is early po...
Bid $40.00
11/12 TBD
Tokuriki Tomikichiro
Winter at Nihonbashi (from the Four Seasons of Tokyo s...
Bid $300.00
11/12 TBD
A ceramic figure in red robe of a Daoist immortal on a rockey seat next to a win...
Bid $85.00
11/12 TBD
Tsuchiya Koitsu
Towada - greyscale version.
Date: 1930s.
Bid $325.00
11/12 TBD
Kiyoshi Saito
Pagoda and lantern
Size: 17.5 x 11.5 inches.
Date: ...