A Far East Asian Art auction is tentatively scheduled to close the last Sunday of each month in 2016. Sellers on Trocadero.com opting in to antique Asian art categories and passing general scrutiny may list items to Far East Asian Art auctions. See Far East Asian Art's auction Schedule

Bid $1650.00
02/26 17:10
A superbly carved image of the highest quality depicting Sakyamuni Buddhas as as...
Bid $450.00
02/26 17:11
Medicine box of carved and treated bamboo with oblong form. China, Qing, 19th ce...
Bid $280.00
02/26 17:12
A rare and highly attractive miniature rock in fantastic shape made of iron on w...
Bid $800.00
02/26 17:13
An unusual and interesting jingasa of gold-lacquered woven reeds. Inside lacquer...
Bid $125.00
02/26 17:14
Kawase Hasui
Fuji and Sailboat
Date: 1930s.
Size: Koban. Approxim...
Bid $280.00
02/26 17:15
A collection of five small Thai stoneware vessels with different glazes - Si Sat...
Bid $40.00
02/26 17:16
Hiroshige Ando
Birds in Flight in Snow
Publisher: Takemura Hideo. Bear...
Bid $475.00
02/26 17:17
Takahashi Shotei (1871-1945)
Vesper Bells in the Village
Date: Pre-193...
Bid $100.00
02/26 17:18
Artist: Ohno Bakufu [signature and seal]
Title: Rice Weeding
Date: ca. 1...
Bid $200.00
02/26 17:19
Votive image of the Gohonzon, the graphic representation of the Lotus Sutra as t...