A Far East Asian Art auction is tentatively scheduled to close the fourth Sunday of each month in 2015. Sellers on Trocadero.com opting in to antique Asian art categories and passing general scrutiny may list items to Far East Asian Art auctions. See Far East Asian Art's auction Schedule

Bid $550.00
04/26 17:10
Indian red sandstone (of muted red, buff tone) fragment from an architectural fr...
Bid $800.00
04/26 17:11
A famille rose bulb bowl. One side decorated with sages, a larger central figure...
Bid $2000.00
04/26 17:12
A baluster form Satsuma vase. One panel with karako, one group bearing votive of...
Bid $400.00
04/26 17:13
Korean brown glazed water dropper of compressed sphere, or disk form with knob f...
Bid $300.00
04/26 17:14
Thai bronze head of a Bodhisattva. Ayutthaya period. Presentable decorative cond...
Bid $250.00
04/26 17:15
An early Qing Dynasty carved marine ivory or bone figure of a Meiren. The beauty...