auctions from Trocadero venues
Bid $115.00
12/29 17:12
An very pretty enamel cloisonne’ Japanese “Amdo†mark box and...

Bid $25.00
07/28 10:50
Pair small Japanese blue and white porcelain dishes. Hawthorne style decoration ...
Bid $200.00
09/27 17:10
Chinese painting, erotic painting, album leaf in ink and colors on silk depictin...
Bid $400.00
09/27 17:11
A rare and highly attractive Okimono, miniature rock in fantastic shape made of ...
Bid $750.00
09/27 17:12
A modern, openwork flower basket, Hanakago, by Tanabe Chikuunsai II, made with t...
Bid $500.00
09/27 17:13
An highly attractive tea pot of glazed stoneware with a powerful, squat, hexagon...