auctions from Trocadero venues
Bid $50.00
09/11 18:36 EDT
A handsome small Oribe glaze kogo (incense case) dating from the mid to late Mei...

Bid $350.00
12/30 17:10
Wood fire sake flask by Hasu Yoshitaka. 5.5" x 5.5". Perfect Condition.
Bid $900.00
12/30 17:11
One of the nicest I've seen of Kakurezaki"s sake bottles. Strong dark glaze. Ba...
Bid $850.00
12/30 17:12
Standing on three legs, this Kakurezaki beauty is glazed in a light amber color ...
Bid $850.00
12/30 17:13
Standing on three legs, this handsome toukurri from Kakurezaki is bathed in a da...
Bid $5000.00
12/30 17:14
Here is a large stoneware rectangular shaped platter by celebrated contemporary ...
Bid $350.00
12/30 17:15
Wood fired sake flask by Japanese Potter Osawa Tsuneo (b.1962). Natural ash gla...
Bid $400.00
12/30 17:16
An impressive gourd shaped Tokkuri Sake Flask by Contemporary ceramic artist Osa...
Bid $1000.00
12/30 17:17
A 15th century Ming Dynasty Stucco head of an official. All original pigments....
Bid $500.00
12/30 17:18
A handsome Sake Flask (tokkuri) made by award winning Japanese artist Wakimoto H...
Bid $350.00
12/30 17:19
A wood fired sake flask by Japanese potter Hoshino Sei (b.1959). Scorched from ...
Bid $450.00
12/30 17:20
A contemporary study of the ancient style of Old Bizen ceramics. Wood fired wit...
Bid $450.00
12/30 17:21
A sake flask (tokkuri) by contemporary ceramic artist Osawa Tsuneo ( b.1962). H...
Bid $900.00
12/30 17:22
A beautiful all natural ash glaze sake flask by Japanese contemporary artist Kat...
Bid $2500.00
12/30 17:23
A Rounded triangular vessel with diagonally faceted exterior. Natural ash-glaze...
Bid $1900.00
12/30 17:24
A porcelain vase by contemporary Japanese ceramic artist Masaru Nakada (1977- )....