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china bamboo cage
This is an oval bamboo bird cage about 80 years old very good condition
Yosai Vase by Tokuda Yasokichi III LNT
Price on Request
A magnificent vase by Kutani porcelain master craftsman, Tokuda Yasokichi III (1...
Bizen Tsubo from the Nanzan Kiln
Offers Welcome!
A very fine tsubo (jar) made in the Nanzan kiln located in Okayama prefecture.
Shigaraki Tsubo by Takahashi Shunsai (Rakusai IV)
Price on Request
A very attractive tsubo (jar) made by a master of the Shigaraki pottery traditio...
Song Cizhou Meiping
Exceptionally rare small Cizhou gray very high fired stoneware bottle ...
Antique Meiji period Japanese Hirado Dish Set, Grapes & Waves
A set of five Hirado dishes dating from the Meiji period (19th century) decorate...
Superb Edo period Echizen Kame Open Tsubo
Flying yellow clings around the sides and underlies the vitrified yellow ash whi...
Meiji Period Seto Yaki Chain of Monkeys
Three Seto-yaki monkeys made to fit hand in hand forming a chain for the display...
Beautiful Japanese Ki Seto Tokkuri Pair by 4th Kiyomizu Rokubei
Price on Request
The size of Tokkuri: 4 7/8” High x 2 1/2” Dia. The pair of Japanese Kyo Ya...
Additional Photos for Tokkuri Pair by Kiyomizu Rokubei 4th
Price on Request
Additional Photos for Tokkuri Pair by Kiyomizu Rokubei 4thw/Tomobako
Antique Porcelain Okimono of Mandarin Ducks
A porcelain okimono of two mandarin ducks, symbol of marital bliss and eternal l...
Mid Century Japanese Vase by Chikada Seiji
A very unusual design reflecting the art of the late 50s to 60s in brown slip co...
china oldfrog
chnia fat frog rosewood
Momoyama period Oribe Mukozuke w/ box by LNT Kato Takuo
A lightning shaped Narumi-Oribe Mukozuke dish decorated with geometrics and dryi...
Tokkuri Sake Flask by Otagaki Rengetsu
Sale Pending
Soft crackled glaze stained lightly from use around the rim drapes over the raw ...
2 Antique Japanese Shuki Sake Cups
A Ko-Seto Hai dating from the Kamakura period enclosed in an old box. 8.5 cm (3...
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china old pair of zhen qhi
china old pair of zhen qhi b b