Auction Registration
Auction Services (Bidder Account Login)
Auction Flow

Registering with VerVendi supported auctioneers

Initiating registration

1) Go to a registration page for VerVendi or a supported auctioneer.

2) Input the following data where requested:

      a) e-mail address (this will be your username but will not appear publicly)

      b) last name and first name (two couple fields)

      c) address and contact information (several fields)

      d) indicate acceptance of VerVendi's terms and disclaimer

      e) Submit

3) On the resulting verification page, verify your information before hitting "Press to continue with registration".

4) An email will be sent to you with instructions to complete the registration or other guidance.

Completing registration

1) Go to the link provided in the "Registration Confirmation" e-mail or, if experiencing difficulty following the link, try from

2) Input your e-mail address (which is your username), your temporary passcode from the "Registration Confirmation" e-mail (the left two fields), and create your permanent password (using the right two fields) and hit "Submit".

(please do not copy/paste but rather type your inputs as unseen characters - such as spaces and carriage returns - can be picked up by copy/paste)

3) Your registration is complete with VerVendi but not yet with the auctioneer. You will receive another e-mail, in addition to screen guidance, to obtain a paddle to bid with the auctioneer.

Obtaining a paddle

1) You must do this once for any auctioneer you wish to bid with - from registration messaging or from the auctioneer's registration page.

2) From either messaging or the auctioneer's page, you will arrive at a page to verify your credit card in accordance with the auctioneer's rates and policies.

3) Complete payment information - editing pre-populated name and contact information and adding card data.

4) Provide answer to a security question and make elections as to automated notifications (events include 'if outbid', 'after making bids', 'reminder before end of auction'.)

5) Submit

If successful, a transaction will be "authorized only" with the auctioneer. In accordance with their policy, the auctioneer may then capture or void the transaction after verifying the card data. And when the auctioneer has approved your request, you will receive an e-mail confirming that you may begin bidding and under what paddle number your bids will appear for their auctions. Your paddle number will be a different number for each auctioneer you register with and may be checked as needed from your bidder login: