Auction Registration
Auction Services (Bidder Account Login)
Auction Flow

Auction Services Management

Login to Auction Services Management
(also available from bidding pages and some venue and auctioneer pages)

2) Hit "Choose Auctioneer" to look at activity with one auctioneer or with all auctioneers

      a) View Live Auctions yields options to look at "Items I am Winning" or "All Auction Items" for each active event.

      b) View Past Auctions yields options to look at "Items Won" or "All Items"

3) Hit "Add Auctioneer" for list of auctioneer's not yet applied with to bid

      a) A link to an auctioneer's site provides opportunity to review before registering to bid

      b) Registration is from the auctioneer's pages

1) Hit "Account Information" to manage notification settings

      a) if outbid

      a) after making bids

      a) reminder before end of auction